KWD Chartered surveyors provides all your residential surveying needs. We are RICS Chartered Surveyors. We provide surveys of all levels upon all types of residential property from new builds to system build houses and historic listed properties.


Building Survey

A RICS Building Survey is usually better suited to older properties or properties that are large or require major renovations, listed buildings or those in a conservation area.

  • The survey is written in plain English.
  • Verbal discussion with the surveyor after, if required, to discuss any issues.
  • A more detailed external and internal visual inspection of the property and services.
  • List of issues that need to be investigated that may affect the value of the property.
  • Advice on, and the level of repairs.
  • Legal issues that need to be addressed including information on location, environment and boundaries.
  • Advice regarding the energy efficiency of the building.

structural ico Specific Structural Surveys

We can assess any structural defects on a specific or holistic basis. If you have any concerns regarding a crack or evident distortion, we can assess the cause and propose repairs to consolidate the structure. We can provide structural adequacy certification for the property which can be used to ease any future selling transaction or upon purchase and gaining a mortgage.

Historic Building

Our surveyors are experienced and competent historic building surveyors and have inspected a plethora of listed buildings in Essex and Suffolk. Such buildings will have an inherent requirement for maintenance into the future but we can provide you with a detailed analysis of the current condition of the property and any maintenance considerations for the future. If the property is listed of architectural historic importance it can have an impact on any works you may wish to undertake; which should be assessed prior to purchase.

planssLand Survey and Compliant Land Registry Plans

We can undertake site measure surveys and provide land registry compliant computer aided designed (CAD) drawings which can be submitted to the land registry to be registered against the title.